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Registry Alert Download

Registry Alert is a freeware software. It help you to Protect your computer from spywares or from other software which start automatically on system start up and effect your computer performance. Read More

Password Manager Download

Password Manager is free and open source software. It is a multiuser application that helps to store your all passwords at one secure place. Read More

Pc Fsearcher Download

PC FSearcher is a free, fast and easy to use application designed to help you find files and folders in your system with various options. Read More

Cregistry Comparison Download

This is simple,easy and fast registry comparison tool. You can watch all registry changes. Like you install a new software and want to check what changes done then just compare your registry with old snap shot. Read More

Current Updates
  • Pc Fsearcher Released on 15/09/2013

    -Remove small bugs like search by date, selected items counter, Batch Rename, custom search and much more.
    -Improve over all performance.

  • Registry Alert Released on 29/11/2012

    -Redirect domain name from probsol.co.cc to probsol.co.nf.
    -solve some some other minor bugs.

  • Registry Alert Released on 13/10/2012

    -Solve administrator access problem.
    -Allow you to restore 'Removed key' back to its location.
    -Removed some other small bugs.

  • Password Manager Released on 05/09/2012

    -More than one user can work in password manager.
    -Password manager include a auto lock system, which lock your password manager after a time.
    -It support auto backup feature.
    -Monitor your all outdated password and it will remind you for update.
    -Include Password generator.